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The first time I visited Bali, I fell in love with the Balinese culture and its overwhelming generosity of spirit. Offerings - gifts of blessings and gratitude - are part of the daily spiritual tradition, and, like jewelry, can give a physical connection to something deeper.

I was so inspired, I began to work with local artisans to design for my friends & family - little did I dream that it would become something much bigger. Anna Beck - from my given name Becky Anne - was born.

I’m a traveler, so everywhere I go I find inspiration. Each piece I design is a labor of love, starting with an experience or a feeling, and coming to life in Bali, where the jewelry is handmade in a centuries-old Balinese technique. Anna Beck’s local workshop weaves traditional Balinese offerings into every step of the process, and each finished piece is a testament to the thoughtful, intentional human touch that created it.

Like memories over the course of a lifetime, a woman collects jewelry - it becomes a part of her story. It starts with a singular piece of self expression that turns into a narrative of self, and in turn connects her to the stories around her.

When I first lived in Bali, it became a part of my story, and I became a part of it; now based in Los Angeles, I still call Bali my second home. It’s important to me that Anna Beck’s practices match its philosophy of service and gratitude. That’s why I partnered with my friend, midwife Robin Lim. I created the Circle of Life charity necklace collection to support Bumi Sehat, her non-profit organization, which provides healthcare to children and expectant mothers in Bali. I’m proud to give back to the community that inspires Anna Beck.

Bali became a part of my story, and I am grateful to connect you to the culture that has opened my heart & continues to inspire my designs. Thank you for letting Anna Beck be a part of your story."

"Every piece of Anna Beck jewelry is handmade at our workshop in Bali. Our talented artisans honor one of the region's oldest handcrafted techniques to create our signature looks. Single discs are individually placed by hand onto a metal base in an intricate multi-step process, meaning each piece can take days to create. The cultural traditions of Bali and the artistry of our craftsmen come together, bringing to life our truly one of a kind pieces."

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