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Define Yourself! This new jewelry line has us in a frenzy!! We absolutely love that these are 1. handmade in the USA, 2. made of real stones & 3. Have wonderfully inspiring messages & meanings. A Rising Sun is known to symbolize a new day, clarity and positivity. Wear this charm as reminder to rise above and seize the day!


  • Moonstone - Known as the stone of love, healing and luck.
  • Apatite - Known as the stone of courage and creativity. 
  • Amazonite - Known as a soothing stone. Worn to help heal ones emotions.
  • Labradorite - The stone of transformation, strength and intuition.
  • Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love and healing. Worn to help bring calmness to the body. 
  • Aquamarine - Known as the stone of the mystic. Worn to bring inner courage, love and peace.
  • Chrysocolla - The stone of empowerment.
  • Indian Agate - The stone of self confidence and courage.
  • Tourmaline - Worn to strengthen the body and spirit.
  • Sunstone - Known as the stone of light. Worn to attract positivity and joy.
  • Serpentine -  The stone of compassion, happiness and luck.
  • Hematite - The stone of grounding, protection and healing.
  • African Turquoise - The stone of encouragement and prosperity.
  • Morganite - Known as the stone of dreams. Worn to bring healing, prosperity and peace.


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