Vintage Oyster Can Candle - Folly Beach


Ramon Matheu’s all new Oyster Can Candles celebrate the history of the great oyster harvest during the mid 1800s and early 1900s, when uniquely designed, colorful cans were used by hundreds of oyster(and other fishery) companies to distribute their product(s) from the Chesapeake Bay, Maine and Florida to markets as far away as California and beyond.

Each can is a custom design with its own unique scent

Size: Pint Size Metal Can

Creted with natural waxes for a clean, approximate 80 hour burn



Featuring fragrance notes of magnolia and peony. Each 13oz. Hand-poured candle is made with renewable coconut wax and burns for 50+ hours. Our fragrances are created with essential oils to elevate your everyday. We created this collection in partnership with pop artist Ramon Matheu. Each inspired design celebrates the history of the great oyster harvest, featuring original vintage style art.


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