Crochet Wire Basket Wide - Sea Spray


A harmonious balance of form and function, our crochet basket is stylish, practical, and easy care, no home should be without it! Enjoy it indoors as a storage solution or outdoors to hold a grouping of your favorite potted plants. All our baskets are created by artisans who hand-crochet each piece with care using polypropylene yarn.


  • Basket measures 12" x 9" x 5"
  • Hand-crocheted
  • Sturdy wire frame construction
  • Handles
  • Uses include:
    • storage basket
    • household organizer
    • car caddy
    • toy storage
  • Polypropylene yarn:
    • repels water
    • colorfast
    • recyclable
    • bleach resistant
    • food safe
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