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Lazy Afternoon Crab Dip Mix
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Sugarfina Coffee Cup Bears - Iced Vanilla
Seasoned Peanuts - Old Bay
SIDEWALK SALE ITEM - Poppy Popcorn - Cotton Candy
Chocolate Mids in Bag
Sugarfina Boxed Candy - Yellow Pineapples
Savory Cracker Mix - Original
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Sugarfina Coffee Cup Bears - Cold Brew
HE Crab Cake Mix
Hattie's Hot Crab Dip
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Aunt Maggie's Sweet Cornbread
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Snack Mix Can - Old Bay
Artichoke Dippin' Sauce
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Sugarfina Boxed Candy - Sugar Lips
Only 3 left!
Sugarfina Boxed Candy - Peach Bellini
Sugarfina Boxed Candy - Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough
Garlic Pepper Jelly
Only 2 left!
Box of 5 Chocolates - Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Chocolate Mids in Box
Shrimp Dippin Mix
Box of 5 Chocolates - Maryland Pride
Sugarfina Boxed Candy - Piña Colada Bears
Only 2 left!
SIDEWALK SALE ITEM - Sugarfina Juice Bears - Green
Sugarfina Valentine's Day Cube - "You're a Peach" Peach Bellini
Sugarfina Valentine's Day Cube - XOXO Sugar Lips
Savory Cracker Mix - Garden Dill
Surf Doggies Nuts
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SIDEWALK SALE ITEM - Thank You Vanilla Fudge - Dog Design
Only 4 left!
SIDEWALK SALE ITEM - Isle of Skye Sea Salt & Caramel
Only 2 left!
Sugarfina Boxed Candy - Italian Spritz
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Sugarfina Valentine's Day Cube - "Cheers to Us" Champagne Bears
Sugarfina Boxed Candy - Gelato Mint Chip
Box of 5 Chocolates - Caramel with Old Bay
Lemon Dill Sauce
Cream Da Crab Soup Mix
Only 4 left!
70 results
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