Size: WRAPPED CANVAS - 14 x 18 x 1.5"


Christine Chapa is a licensed architect and owner of Landmark renditions, based in Annapolis, Maryland. Christine received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design from the College of Architecture at Texas A & M University. She has worked with nationally acclaimed architects in San Antonio, Texas, Virginia, and Annapolis, Maryland.

Christine's love for design developed early in life as she attended Catholic elementary school and was inspired by the architecture of the church building every morning at mass. During her collegiate studies, Christine began to notice the beauty of the architecture in different cultures and became eager to learn about the background of the people who created each design. The curiosity led her to travel and eventually arrived in the Washington D.C, area, where she lived until moving to Annapolis in 2007. After a period of time working in a traditional architecture firm, Christine decided to pursue a life dream of having her own company combining her architectural background and her creativity as an artist.

Christine's renditions have been an inspiration to many. She continues to work on Architectural design projects both large and small, consulting with home owners, business owners, and collaborating with architects, interior designers, builders, Realtors, writers and friends. Christine has the unique ability to envision what the mind can conceive and render it on paper. Many of her renderings are treasured gifts for families who want to capture meaningful memories.

  • All material is Archival and Acid Free

  • Includes: Certificate of Authenticity

We use the term “giclee” specifically for the process of reproducing a physical work of art, with museum quality, on archival media.

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