St. Patrick's Day

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Teleties Hair Ties - No Pinch Please
Nora Fleming Mini Attachment - Claddagh "Live Laugh Love"
Mini Attachment - Four Leaf Clover
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Big Attachment - Four Leaf Clover
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Funky Ornament - Ireland Landmark
Only 4 left!
Porcelain Ornament - Irish Icon
Resin Ornament - Young Irish Dancer
Resin Ornament - Dancing Irish Girl
Wooden Ornament - Irish Nutcracker
Big Attachment - Leprechaun Hat
Only 1 left!
Mini Attachment - Leprechaun Hat
Nora Fleming Mini Attachment - Spot O Irish Leprechaun Hat
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Loxton Bracelet - Luck
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Loxton Bracelet - Celtic Knot
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Glass Ornament - Ireland Heart
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Willow Tree Figure - Irish Charm
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Glass Ornament - Pot of Gold
Glass Ornament - Irish Santa
Glass Ornament - Irish Santa with Keg
Glass Ornament - Irish Trinity Knot
APP Print - Irish Drinkers Prayer
Only 4 left!
Niki Bracelet - Kale Yeah
Only 1 left!
Glass Ornament - Irish Claddagh
Resin Ornament - Irish Pig
Only 4 left!
Embroidered Dish Towel  - Ireland
Only 4 left!
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