The Chesapeake Bay is an amazing body of water—the largest estuary in North America. The first of its kind, this book stimulates elementary- and middle-school children’s interest in the Bay by exposing them to the fascinating creatures and plants found in and around the Bay’s 2,500 square miles. Concepts such as watershed, airshed, and food web are explained in concise, understandable terms. This is an effective means for children to discover the interesting traits of some of the plants, animals, birds, and fish they are likely to find in and around the Bay. A new "Citizen Science" guide to water quality empowers children and adults to monitor the health of local streams and creeks. Warning to Kids: Don’t let your teachers see this book. They’ll want to use it in the classroom! Warning to Teachers: Don’t let your students find out that not only is this book fun, it’s also educational!
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